The School District of New Lisbon began a strategic planning process called Vision 20/20. Perfect Vision is 20/20, so our Vision 20/20 process is designed for us as a school district being able to see clearly what we want to look like by the year 2020. A lot of things have been pushed on school districts over the past few years, but we as a district wanted to set our own course for where we want to be by 2020. After meeting with six different groups of staff, students and community, we created an original Vision 20/20 document to begin moving our district to where we wanted to go. As we continue down this path, this process will clarify what we want to work on and what is important to us.

It has now been one year and many things have been accomplished and added to the plan. The Vision 20/20 Committee met in June and tried to create a statement that we could all believe in, a mission for 2020. It is in red at the top of the document: “Every Student Graduating, College, Career and Community Ready.” We want to provide an educational experience that will prepare all students to graduate ready for what comes next, college or career and ready to contribute to their community. We believe that student achievement should be the main focus of everything we do and every decision that is made.

The link VISION 20/20 will take you to the newly updated Vision 20/20 document. In black print is the original Vision 20/20 document. In red print is what has been added to the document over the first year.

Expanded Gifted and Talented Opportunities for Students

As the School District of New Lisbon began its Vision 20/20 planning process, we evaluated the number of opportunities for gifted and talented students. Many things were in place already and more opportunities are being added each year. The following list shows many of the competitions and opportunities available beyond the classroom for our students in which they can excel.

3rd Grade Invention Fair, 4th Grade Heritage Fair, 5th Grade Kids College at UW-Lacrosse, 5th Grade Performing Arts, 5th Grade Math Knowledge Competition, 5th-8th Grade Modern Woodmen Speech Competition, 6th Grade Battle of the Books, 6th Grade College Days for Kids at UW-Stevens Point, 6th Grade Math 24, 6th–8th Grade Science Olympiad, 7th Grade Quiz Bowl, 8th Grade Leadership Group, 9th-10th Grade Techno Expo competition, HS Creative Writing at UW-Lacrosse, High School Honors Band and Choir, High School Dorian Music Festival, High School Tommy Musical Awards, Technical Education Odyssey of the Mind/Catapult competition, Western Tech. Robotics Competition, STEM class, FFA: Sectional Speaking Contests, Judging teams - from identifying cheese to evaluating horses, dairy products, Dairy Cattle Evaluation, and Forage team competitions, Wisconsin Ambassadors of Music trip, FBLA regional and state competitions.

New Lisbon is committed to helping all students reach their fullest potential, including the gifted and talented.