Junior High School athletics 

will be for participation and learning. This is a time for young athletes to learn the game and to start to develop an understanding of what is required in being a member of a team. Under the direction of the varsity coaches, who oversee individual programs, fundamentals that enhance the entire program will be stressed. Participation will be encouraged, and to the degree possible, be equal for all. Winning, while a nice reward, is not regarded as a measure of success.

C-squad athletic teams 

will stress learning, understanding the game, and team play. This is a time for athletes to begin to hone their abilities and skills while at the same time developing an understanding of the levels of competition at the high school where cuts will be made if necessary. Under the direction of the varsity coach, a greater emphasis will be placed on developing the ability of each athlete to contribute to the team as a whole. Participation will be encouraged and used to increase the abilities of both the individual and the team. Winning, again a nice reward, will hold more importance but will not be the most important measure of the success of the team. Coaches will work with their individual athletes to point out areas that should be developed during the off-season so that these young athletes can continue to build skills that will allow them to advance to the next level of competition.

Junior varsity athletic teams 

will use the skills that have been attained in order to prepare the athletes for varsity level competition. At this level, the importance of the team working together to achieve the goals the coach/team has established will be stressed. Winning will gain in importance as the athletes begin to understand the common goals that bind a team together. The varsity coach will work with the junior varsity coach to assure the athletes are working on skills that will enhance the program’s goals. Once again coaches will work with the individual athletes, pointing out skills that need to continue to be worked on in the off-season so that the opportunity of advancing to the varsity level of competition is there.

Varsity athletic teams 

are the culmination of any sports program. At this level, the importance of winning instead of participation becomes a significant component of competition. To that end, the varsity coach is entrusted with the responsibility of building a team that performs to the highest level possible. The coach’s responsibility also extends to include making each player understand his/her role on the team and the importance of that role no matter how large or small.


Boys - Cross CountryFootball

Girls - Cross CountryVolleyball


Boys - Basketball, Wrestling

Girls - Basketball, Wrestling, Dance


Boys - BaseballTrack

Girls - SoftballTrack

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