The Junior High School years are a wonderful time full of new activities, new friends, and a variety of teachers to see each day. It can also be a challenging time as the Junior High students try to keep up with schoolwork while dealing with all of the physical, emotional, and social changes that are taking place.

The faculty and staff of New Lisbon Junior High School are an experienced and diverse group who work to meet the needs of these changing young adolescents. A considerable amount of time and money has been spent to ensure that our students are provided with an opportunity to receive a quality education in a safe and modern facility.

We follow the lessons learned through RESPECT.

Respect for yourself and others

As Rockets we represent with pride and enthusiasm.

Contact Information

Mr. Mark Stamper, Principal
(608) 562-3700 ext 1533

Questions should be addressed to:

New Lisbon School District
Phone 608-562-3700 option 2
Fax 608-562-5333