Emergency procedures

Emergency Closings

The school day may be shortened or cancelled if weather conditions are considered dangerous for bus travel. Notification of school-opening delays or closings will be broadcast on the New Lisbon Schools Facebook page, district website, television, and radio stations as follows:

1270 AMMaustonWISC
Channel 3Madison
92.1 FMMaustonWKBT
Channel 8LaCrosse
Channel 15Madison
96.1 FMTomahWKOW
Channel 27Madison
Channel 19LaCrosse

Announcements will start at 6:30 a.m. or earlier.

two-hour delay

Rather than call school off for the entire day, we may attempt to have school by starting classes two hours later than usual. Even after waiting two hours, it may still be necessary to cancel school if conditions worsen.

The two-hour delay plan is as follows:

1. Bus pickup time will be two hours later than the regular time
2. The school building will not be opened until 9:40 a.m. Students are not to come to school before that time.
3. Students will report to 2nd block in the high school and 4th period in the junior high. A change to the daily schedule could be made at some point in the year to accommodate for lost class time.


Students will be moved to designated interior spaces for safety. Students will wait in the "ready" position (sitting and knees up, hands around knees.) This position will be maintained until administration gives the ALL CLEAR, ALL CLEAR announcement. Drills will be practiced periodically in case of this weather event.


In case of a fire in the building, students will be evacuated outside the building and remain with their class until given further instructions by their teacher. Students may only reenter the building if the ALL CLEAR, ALL CLEAR is given by administration.


From time to time it is necessary for the district buildings to go into lockdown. We have two different procedures.

SOFT - All classroom doors are locked and teachers are allowed to go about business as usual. No students or staff are allowed in the hallways until the administration gives the ALL CLEAR, ALL CLEAR. An example of a soft lockdown may be activated in the event of drug dog searching the building for illegal substances by the New Lisbon Police Department and Juneau County Sheriff's Department.

HARD - All classrooms doors will be locked and lights are off. Students and staff will move away from windows and doors.


In case of a dangerous event such as a gas leak, or any other danger in the building, the students and staff will be evacuated to a location away from building site. Leadership team will direct parents where to pick up children in the event the school day is ended early due to the event. Drill be will practiced at the discretion of the administration.