The school day may be shortened or canceled if weather conditions are considered dangerous for bus travel. Notification of school-opening delays or closings will be broadcast over our Facebook page, Twitter page, TV, radio, and parents will receive an all-call from the district automation system.


WRJC 1270.0 AM Mauston 

WRJC 92.1 FM Mauston 

WCOW 97.1 FM Sparta 

WBOG 96.1 FM Tomah 

WXOW Channel 19 La Crosse


WISC Channel 3 Madison

WKTB Channel 8 La Crosse

WMTV Channel 15 Madison

WKOW Channel 27 Madison

Please note:

  • The decision to close/delay will be made as early as possible by school administration.The automated all call will typically be sent out between 5:45 and 6:15 in the morning.
  • With TV stations, once they are notified, the message posts on the station almost instantly - in some cases this may be before the automated call is sent out.
  • With the radio stations, the notification and announcement are dependent on how early the station is staffed - so there could be delays.