Rocket Pride Dress Expectations

The school is interested in three factors related to student dress: cleanliness, safety, and decency. The school has a responsibility for developing a businesslike attitude towards dress in school. In developing the standards of dress, it is recognized that clothing styles frequently change, and the fads are common. The following shall be applied in determining dress standards:

Is it a distraction of the educational process?

Is it detrimental to the health or safety of the students?

Footwear shall be required at all times. You may be sent home to change your clothing, or a request will be made that you put on other appropriate clothing. A request may also be made of your parent/guardian that appropriate clothing be brought to school for you to wear. In some cases the office may also have clothes for you to change into.

The following guidelines are in place for appropriate dress:

1. Pants, short and skirts worn at the waist.

2. Tops may not expose the midriff or cleavage, and clothing must cover undergarments at all times. Likewise strapless or spaghetti straps are not permissible.

3. Hats, bandanas, coats/jackets, and sunglasses will not be worn, or carried, once inside the building. They are to be kept in the lockers.

4. Clothing, medallions, pins, or jewelry with suggestive double meanings, sexual innuendos, suggestive pictures, gang symbols, racial or gender slurs, the Confederate Flag, Hooters, vulgar or obscene language, or promoting drugs, tobacco, or alcohol are not permissible.